The Jewel of the Oregon Coast

The Course is currently closed. The Clubhouse will be open on Fridays and Saturdays 2-6 pm until the course opens. Stop in for drinks and shop our 50% off sale. We have been working hard to dry out the course. We will have more information by mid-June about course opening. If you have any questions reach out to Missy at 503-819-5043 or missy.nbgc@gmail.com.

Photo by Cameron Nagel (cameronphoto.biz)
Photo by Cameron Nagel (cameronphoto.biz)

Premiere destination on the Oregon Coast

Welcome to Neskowin Beach Golf Course

Designed by Ercel Kay and opened in 1932, the Neskowin golf course is one of the oldest on the Oregon coast. Its historic value and unique setting are assets unto themselves. In the early years, the popularity of golf at the beach promoted Neskowin as a favorite destination. As in the past, a round of golf is still one of the first activities for many locals and visitors upon arriving. Close to Portland and Salem, yet a thousand miles away in temperament, the village and the Neskowin golf course have provided over 90 years of memories for countless families. Today, we have the opportunity to continue the stewardship and legacy. Sound business operating plans coupled with dedicated community support will provide the golfing public many more years of fun at the Neskowin Beach Golf Course.

Neskowin Beach Golf Course

48405 Hawk St.
PO Box 1005
Neskowin, OR 97149

Course is currently CLOSED (wet)
Clubhouse hours Fridays and Saturdays 2-6pm